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Healthcare organizations are facing increasing challenges and must continually improve their services to provide the highest quality of care at the most affordable cost. Because of the corporate trend towards downsizing, many companies do not have the ability to complete all necessary tasks related to continuous quality improvement. Adhering to complex accreditation standards can be frustrating and an added demand to many organizations that lack the time and staff to complete required reviews and revisions of policies, procedures, and practices.  As a result, organizations have found that using external consultants is a cost-effective solution.

DuraCARE Counseling has qualified and trained consultants that are experienced surveying CARF accredited organizations and providing consulting services to organizations seeking accreditation or reaccreditation.


Explanation of Consulting Services

Simulated Surveys. Onsite reviews and mock surveys are often the best way to prepare the organization for an actual survey.  This can be an efficient way to become familiar with the survey process.  Mock surveys are useful when preparing for initial accreditation, when a new program is added under a currently accredited organization, or in preparation for a re-survey.  Mock surveys are individualized for each organization, and can include:

  • Pre-survey contact and review of non-confidential document prior to the mock survey
  • Orientation Conference and tour
  • On-site review of policies and procedures, clinical forms, administrative and program documents, and client records, as well as interviews with governance, leadership, funders, staff, and clients
  • Exit Conference with review of draft mock survey report
  • Debriefing of leadership and selected personnel
  • Finalized report with recommendations and consultations

Policy and Procedure Development and Review.  This service includes writing new policies and procedures as well as reviewing existing documents to ensure continued relevancy in conformance to CARF, LA DHH, & MCO policies.  The review also includes identification of inconsistencies and redundancy.  The frequency of reviews is determined based on the needs identified by the organization and as suggested by the Behavioral Health Resources and/or CARF consultant.

Trainings. This service includes developing training presentations and competency based trainings for the organization that are in conformance to CARF, LA DHH, & MCO expectations. Trainings include New Hire Orientation, Cultural Competency, Ethics, Emergency Procedures; and other required trainings.  A consultant can provide trainings to the organization staff remotely or in person for an added fee.

Document Development and Review.   This service includes report writing, document development, proof-reading, editing, and formatting of documents as well as annual updates.  When an organization contracts for ongoing review of documents, the frequency of reviews is determined based on needs identified by the organization and as suggested by our CARF consultant.  Many documents are required to be reviewed annually (e.g., program plans, strategic plan, risk management plan).

  • Administrative Documents include: Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan; Strategic Plan; Risk Management Plan; Technology and Systems Plan; Accessibility Plan; Performance Analysis and Improvement Plan; ethical codes of conduct; job descriptions; emergency procedure evacuation drill forms; grievance forms; and other documents.
  • Program Documents include: program plan(s); client orientation checklist; client handbook; screening form; client orientation handbook and checklist; screening form; assessment form; treatment plan; transition plan; discharge summary; quality records review form; and other documents.

Quarterly Records Review.  Due to lack of time and/or staffing, it is often difficult for organizations to conduct the required quarterly records review of a representative sample of open and closed charts (e.g., at least 10% of each). CARF consultants are available to provide this on-site service on a quarterly (or more frequent) basis.  A records review can also be contracted as a component of a mock survey.  Written findings will be provided to managers for incorporation into training programs.

Behavioral Health Organization or Private Practice Setup Consultation

One of the greatest experiences and feelings a professional can have is being their own boss and developing quality programs for the clients you serve.  Are you interested in starting your own practice or behavioral health organization?  Would you like to learn strategies to develop a successful practice in a competitive market?  Wendy Durant has provided behavioral health business consultations and professional development lectures on creating successful mental health practices for the past 4 years.  She is currently in the process of developing a workbook with helpful tips and resources to establish a successful practice.

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Like our services, fees vary depending on the project, type of services requested, identified objectives, and the project timeline. Because each organization is unique, a fee estimate cannot be given until this information is obtained. We will work with you to find the solutions that are both effective and affordable.

To schedule a free consultation, please call 504-327-5753 or email consultation@duracarecounseling.com to schedule a free initial consultation call.